Solar Panels

Have our workshops install a solar panel and/or an additional habitation battery for extended use when not hooked up. An 80 watt panel in good weather * will meet the needs of most users, running lighting, TV and water pumps etc (an 80watt panel will produce 6amps per hour in good light conditions, ie 60amp hours in 10 hours of good sunlight) 30 amp hours is the average daily requirement for motorhome use.
When your Motorhome is not in use, the panel will go on working keeping your batteries fully charged and ready for action, the built in control system prevents overcharging
Why not combine the panel with an 800 watt inverter (240 volt) for laptops, TV, chargers etc. Fitted from £150.00 plus VAT
40/60/80/120 watt solar panels available.
* based on 7 hours of sunshine per day.

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